Terms and Conditions

Dear Collectors,

As always, Gajendra Shanane – By Royal Appointment strives for perfection along with following a traditional, welcoming and family oriented atmosphere of beauty, peace and trust.

With online payment gateways and banking regulations we are required to list Terms and Conditions.

We have kept this area to the minimum possible so that you, our patron, will be as comfortable as possible with these.

Thank you,

Best regards,

Gajendra Shanane

Terms and Conditions

  1. All items purchased off or online are finished products and 100% advance payment required.
  2. All bespoke ordered items require a 80% advance payment. The further 20% payment will be required once the item is finished and before shipping.
  3. Bespoke items ordered are given an estimate time to complete. As all the luxuries Gajendra Shanane – By Royal Appointment create they are made in our artisanal workshops and may take more time than estimated while making. Gajendra Shanane – By Royal Appointment makes not guarantee on the amount of time an item may take to make.
  4. Once a bespoke order is given and agreed upon no changes will be possible. Again as all our luxuries are labor-intensive and created by hand using the finest sustainable raw materials this is not possible once an item is started.
  5. Once an item is given, received and accepted Gajendra Shanane – By Royal Appointment is no longer responsible if item is damaged or lost.
  6. All designs and processes are trademarked and copyright by Gajendra Shanane – By Royal Appointment and are the ownership of the maker/s no copying or duplication is permitted. Any infringement on design and processes will be followed up strictly under International Trademark and Copyright Law. Jurisdiction and any court procedure will be in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.
  7. The patron/customer is liable for all VAT and customs duty on their purchased item in their respective country.